• Secured a $150 million support package for mouse plague affected farmers, including 50% rebates for zinc phosphide baits.
  • Protected access to the diesel fuel rebate.
  • Significant NSW Government drought support, resulting in more concessional loans, waivers for LLS rates, Western lands rates, water standing charges and other fixed charge relief, and expansion of drought transport subsidies.
  • Increased funding for biosecurity to keep exotic plant pests and diseases out of our grains sector.
  • Simplified administration and expanded movements of oversize, over-mass vehicle movements across and within state borders.
  • Supporting the development of new markets for grain producers to capture demand for plant-based proteins.
  • Pushing for a biosecurity system that's sustainable and shares costs across governments and industry.
  • Ensuring improved Internet coverage to take advantage of new technology driving efficiency and profitability.
From Tanks to Tractors – Operation Grain Harvest Assist launched by Australian Defence Force volunteers
Retired and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) servicemen and women, in collaboration with State Farming Organisations across Australia, have organised an initiative to support grain growers during the upcoming harvest season. The joint operation aims to connect retired and former ADF servicemen and woman with the transferable skills needed to operate heavy machinery and perform other required jobs during grains harvest with farmers, contract harvesters and grain supply chain businesses via designated Facebook pages. The official start date for Operation Grain Harvest Assist is Monday, 6 September. Interested grain growers can register their workforce needs via job advertisements at a designated Facebook page. For further information, please click here
  • Advocating for appropriate support for farmers facing infestations of mice.
  • Developing and executing a plan to attract and retain more workers in agriculture, particularly with grains harvest fast approaching.
  • Review of training requirements for pesticides users by the Environment Protection Authority.
  • Ensuring Inland Rail delivers benefits to local communities and strengthening landholder rights.
  • Supporting the Port of Newcastle container terminal.
  • Working with governments and industry to deliver benefits to grain growers through the Fixing Country Rail program.


NSW Farmers full producer members have access to an expanding range of benefits including:- 

  • Workplace Relations Support
  • Exclusive NSW Farmers Price list with Bunnings Trade via Powerpass
  • National Fleet pricing on Isuzu Trucks
  • A membership rebate if you insure with WFI
  • Discounted chemical courses, fencing and yard products
  • A range of health, accident, illness and life insurance products

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NSW Farmers is working for their members to achieve outcomes that matter to them. Many of the agricultural policies that farmers benefit from today would not have come about were it not for the efforts of NSW Farmers' members and staff.

Having a grassroots structure means your issues will be heard. 

As well as advocacy, NSW Farmers' membership guarantees access to our Regional Services Manager network. This network is a crucial link between farmers and the policy taken to Macquarie Street and Canberra, and enables farmers to stay up-to-date on the issues relevant to them.

As the chair of the Grains Committee, my current priority is to highlight the needs of grains producers facing immediate challenges such as infestations of mice and labour shortages as harvest nears. These matters are keeping us busy, but we continue to advocate on longer-term items such as securing reduced supply chain costs and ensuring farmers can benefit from increased competition. Right to farm remains a critical issue, as does access to new and existing chemistry. NSW Farmers is advocating to a national solution to insurance models, including long term funding proposals, which provide grain producers with affordable and suitable insurance products.

We are stronger together. The more members we have, the more powerful we become.

Matthew Madden 

Join before 31 December for pro rata rate of $146.30 (Workplace Essentials additional fee)
Membership year is 1 April – 31 March.