Parties should explain their plans for Great Western Highway

NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle has called on the Government and Opposition to outline clear plans for the future of the Great Western Highway.
The key east-west road corridor has become a political football in recent weeks with both major parties in a heated exchange over what NSW Farmers sees as an important project.
“This highway needs upgrading – everyone agrees on that – but rather than throw mud back and forth we need each side to clearly spell out what they will do, and when,” Mr Arkle said.
“You’ve got a lot of farmers growing a lot of food and fibre in the west, and with a new airport being built in Western Sydney we’re going to need a great transport corridor to get that food from farm gate to dinner plate.”
NSW Transport Minister Sam Farraway claimed Labor had scrapped plans to upgrade the Great Western Highway, but Shadow Minister Jenny Aitchison countered that the Government’s proposed tunnel had an $8 billion funding black hole that could not be explained, and the project needed a solid business case.
Mr Arkle said farmers – along with rural and regional communities – wanted to see results, not angry barbs traded in the media.
“We’ve had a shocking year of floods and many roads across the state are in disrepair, while our rail network also needs upgrading,” Mr Arkle said.
“No-one expects these projects to be simple, but they are getting sick and tired of political fights while they dodge potholes.
“Both sides need to put their plans to the people, and let the voters choose.”

Date: Friday, March 17, 2023
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