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Future of food production will need partnership from new Labor government

NSW Labor will need to make strategic investments in the agricultural sector to pay for election promises and secure future food supply.

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Invest in climate mitigation, say farmers

With polling predicting a very tight election result, attention is now on what deals and concessions might be made to secure government.

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Spike in pig numbers needs urgent action

An explosion in feral pig numbers on public lands has resulted in massive damage for farmers, prompting calls for urgent action.

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Parties should explain their plans for Great Western Highway

NSW Farmers CEO Pete Arkle has called on the Government and Opposition to outline clear plans for the future of the Great Western Highway.

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Farmers welcome boost to innovation fund

NSW Farmers has welcomed the state government’s commitment to expand the Farm Innovation Fund if re-elected.

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Certainty on synthetic foods ‘impossible’

NSW Farmers Poultry Manager Dave Banham says reports of synthetic chicken nuggets failing to meet food standards are cause for concern.

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Commitment sought on Farm Innovation Fund

NSW Farmers has called on both sides of politics to commit to funding a state government program that boosts food production ahead of the election.

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Farmers reach agreement with Inland Rail builder

Landholders can expect better treatment during the construction of Inland Rail thanks to a landmark agreement between NSW Farmers and ARTC.

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Next government will need to tighten its belt says economist

The pre-election budget update found the economic outlook had deteriorated over the past few weeks, meaning everyone needed to tighten their belts.

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Political focus must extend beyond Western Sydney

NSW Farmers has warned both sides of politics must not lose sight of the bush in the final weeks of the campaign.


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Don't fall for doomsayers' 'hot air'

It’s a fact almost universally accepted that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation. These days, I think we can add climate change to that list, because it can raise the temperature of the room (pardon the pun) like few

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Ag learning key this Ed Week

With a growing global population, food security will be one of the most important issues facing future generations. Paradoxically, these generations might have little to no connection to farming – if current trends continue. This week is Education We

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Plant-based alternatives: a meaty debate

From mock duck to vegan burgers, the imitation game of the “fake meat” sector is strong. The proliferation of plant-based products has sparked significant debate on labelling conventions and even the health benefits of meat ‘alternatives’ compared to