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Carbon work must continue

Farmers have urged the federal government to continue its efforts to better understand the net emissions of the agricultural industry as new funding is released to improve greenhouse gas accounting this week.

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Boost to reduce rural barriers

NSW Farmers has thanked the Minns Government for providing fresh funding to break down rural barriers, as it announced the first $35 million in funding from the Regional Development Trust today.

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Federal budget falls short for farmers

The state’s peak farm body has said the federal budget has fallen short for farmers, with more funding still desperately needed to support rural industries across NSW and beyond.

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Forget the tax on farmers

The state’s peak farm body has launched a fresh appeal urging parliamentarians to vote against the proposed biosecurity tax on farmers, with the levy bill set to enter the Senate tomorrow.

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Farmers slam live sheep shutdown

NSW Farmers have condemned the Federal Government’s catastrophic ban on live sheep exports by sea as it released a four-year plan to transition away from the live sheep trade today.

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Be constructive on conservation, farmers urge

The state’s peak farming body has warned interest groups need to take a more practical and constructive approach to conservation, with environmental solutions not having to come at the cost of farm productivity and food security.

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Real action needed on competition reform

A suite of new laws and reforms are needed to crack down on bad behaviour by the nation’s major supermarkets, according to a Senate Inquiry report handed down yesterday.

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Disconnect delay a welcome call

Farmers have welcomed Telstra’s decision to delay its 3G network switchoff until August 31 this year, as thousands of rural Australians remain reliant on 3G services.

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War on pigs past due

Farmers are calling for more resources to tackle pigs as millions of the pests rampage across the state.

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eID funding a step forward

NSW Farmers has thanked the state government for listening to industry concerns around mandated traceability reforms following the announcement of a new scheme to provide discounted eID tags to sheep and goat farmers in NSW.


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OPINION: We're all in this together

For the many farmers and their families who live and work in our landscape, Australia Day will involve an early start, pulling on their boots and heading out the door at the crack of dawn to keep growing the healthy plants and healthy animals that ke

Biosecurity should be everyone's concern

Six months ago, barely anyone outside of politics or agriculture had even heard the word ‘biosecurity’, let alone knew what it was.

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Don't fall for doomsayers' 'hot air'

It’s a fact almost universally accepted that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite conversation. These days, I think we can add climate change to that list, because it can raise the temperature of the room (pardon the pun) like few