Kids to learn from farmers

NSW Farmers will be partnering with farmers across the state to provide a diverse range of farm enterprises for primary-school students to experience as part of the Kids to Farms program.  

Funded by the Australian Government, The Kids to Farms Program aims to enable every child in NSW to have two educational interactions with the agricultural sector before they are 12.

 “This is a fantastic program and I encourage farmers to get involved,” said NSW Farmers President James Jackson

“From the far west of the state to the south and north coast, students in all areas will have the opportunity to visit a farm in their local area and learn more about where local food and fibre comes from.”

“With agriculture being rolled out across the NSW Curriculum, we aim to provide teachers and students with an opportunity to learn about Australia’s food and fibre production in a hands-on, interactive environment with the farmer.”

“We know that 59 per cent of students learn what they know about food and fibre production from their teachers. We cannot underestimate the importance of our primary teachers in supporting our kids to engage with the agricultural industry.”

Mr Jackson said that the program was a combination of digital programs and on-farm experience.

“We’ve launched our website so that farmers across NSW can get on board with schools to deliver hands-on, practical experiences.”

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Date: Tuesday, 4 May 2021
Media Contact:  Michael Burt  | 0428 228 988 | [email protected]