NSW Farmers says no to Narrabri CSG

NSW Farmers has voiced its opposition to the Narrabri Gas Project at the Independent Planning Commission hearing today. 

NSW Farmers' President James Jackson told the hearing that the only way that agriculture, communities and the environment can be protected from the risks posed by the Narrabri Gas Project is by the project not being approved. 

“NSW Farmers does not support the Narrabri Gas Project,” Mr Jackson said. 

“Our members have considered this project carefully and believe it poses an unacceptable risk to the water resources, soil and air quality, local food and fibre production and rural communities in western New South Wales.”

“Our members are also concerned about the 2019 finding by the NSW Legislative Council Committee that the government has not yet fully implemented many of the recommendations of the NSW Chief Scientist’s Independent Review of CSG Activities in New South Wales.”

Mr Jackson said protecting precious water resources like the Great Artesian Basin must be a priority. 

“Farmers can produce local food and fibre without gas, but it cannot be done without water.”

“The Government’s own Independent Water Expert Panel identified that the Narrabri Gas Project may result in groundwater depressurisation and drawdown of aquifers and changes to surface water flow and quality.”

The Water Expert Panel also identified that “small impacts from connected water sources can potentially have cumulatively significant local impacts."

Date: Friday 24 July 2020
Media Contact:  Kathleen Curry | 0429 011 690 | [email protected]