Get expert advice before harvest

NSW Farmers is gearing up for another big week at Henty Machinery Field Days, bringing partners and farm safety advisors together under the one roof.

Local canola grower and NSW Farmers Grains Committee chair Justin Everitt said Henty was a highlight of the Riverina’s agricultural calendar, and an important opportunity to get ready for harvest time.

“One of the highlights of an event like Henty is seeing what’s new in agriculture, but it’s also a really good opportunity to make sure you’re prepared for the busy time ahead,” Mr Everitt said.

“This has been a big growing season in the south and labour shortages could cause farmers to work longer and harder, so we want farmers to be aware of the dangers associated with fatigue and how to mitigate the risks.

“There’s also the stress and strain both for equipment and ourselves, and it’s very important we not only look after our gear but each other as well.”

Mr Everitt said the upcoming Henty Machinery Field Days would be a great opportunity for farmers to connect with the Farm Safety Advisory Program, which would be onsite at the NSW Farmers shed.

Among those based in the NSW Farmers shed will be Association President Xavier Martin, policy staff from the NSW Farmers environment team, the Young Farmer policy advisor and a representative from the Farm Safety Advisory Program. There would also be refreshments served up by the famous CWA volunteers.

For more information about the Farm Safety Advisory Program, visit – or visit NSW Farmers at Block O, site 620 at Henty Machinery Field Days from September 19 to 21.

Date: Friday, September 15, 2023

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