Farmer’s secret to quality coffee at home

Cost of living pressures may be forcing ordinary Australians to watch their spending, but dairy farmers say there’s still a way to enjoy café-quality coffee on a budget.
NSW Farmers dairy producer Simone Jolliffe said fresh, local milk was a barista’s secret weapon in making a top-notch coffee.
“One of the main ingredients in a great coffee is great milk, and there’s no reason you can’t use affordable café-grade milk at home,” Mrs Joliffe said.
“More and more Australians are making their coffees at home now, and using quality, fresh ingredients is the secret key to success.
“Whether you’re supporting your local café or you’re making your own at home, using fresh local milk will ensure you can enjoy the premium taste and quality we demand from our daily brew.”
Locally-produced milks are consistently chosen by top baristas in Sydney and Melbourne for their coffees, and have even been used in international competitions.
NSW Farmers Dairy Committee chair Colin Thompson said he was proud of the reputation for excellence the state’s dairy sector enjoyed, and said it was one way for cost-conscious families to enjoy a great cuppa at home.
“Here in NSW we’re a major producer of fresh milk and we’re thankful for all the families who enjoy our product,” Mr Thompson said.
“The fact that our regular milk is so good that baristas actually prefer it is a sure sign we’re doing something right, and it’s great news for families who can use it to make a great coffee at home.
“The humble cuppa has been an Australian institution for many generations, and even though latte art is a long way from billy tea, good milk has always been a key ingredient.” 

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