Detection of Red Imported Fire Ants in South Murwillumbah

NSW Farmers is aware that there has been a detection of Red Imported Fire Ants in South Murwillumbah. 

This incursion is a threat to agricultural production and to the landscape of NSW. The ants can damage agricultural equipment, sting livestock, and damage the natural environment. It also poses a serious risk to the health and wellbeing of all people in NSW.

Authorities must act quickly to eradicate this population of Red Imported Fire Ants. The NSW Department of Primary Industries has done so before when there was a detection at Port Botany in 2014 and they must do so again. 

The entry of Red Imported Fire Ants into New South Wales demonstrates the urgent need for increased investment by all governments to support biosecurity. NSW Farmers has called for greater focus on biosecurity for many years.

Red Imported Fire Ants should have been eradicated 20 years ago but ineffective management in Queensland enabled them to become established. We want Red Imported Fire Ants eradicated not only in New South Wales, but in Queensland where this incursion originated. 

We call on everyone to comply with all directions and restrictions introduced by the NSW Government. By doing the right thing, we can work together to keep these pests contained so that they can be eradicated.

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Media Contact:

Kathleen Curry - Head of Communications & Engagement
0427 411 220 | [email protected]

Date: 25 November, 2023