Small Farms Membership

Enjoy the benefits of Small Farm membership such as jargon-free farming information and support for cottage industry, small property, block residents, hobby farmers and lifestyle farmers.

NSW Farmers understands the specific challenges of living on a small holding that does not generate the majority of the household’s income, but still may have the capacity to be productive and requires the maintenance and care common to farms of all shapes and sizes. 

NSW Small Farms members receive:

  • Invitations to attend NSW Farmers branch meetings
  • Bi-Monthly e-newsletter specific to issues affecting farm owners
  • Targeted small farm communications and updates
  • Access to training
  • Annual small farm handbook
  • Access to the expert knowledge of NSW Farmers members and staff

Become a part of the farming community and add your support to the interests of farmers in your local area by joining NSW Small Farms.

Member Benefits 

Small Farms Guide & Information

NSW Small Farms produces an annual publication, exclusive to NSW Small Farms members covering useful information and advice specific to owners of small farms, block residents, hobby farmers and lifestyle farmers. 

The guide offers tips and advice on subjects like natural disaster preparedness, keeping chickens, selecting stud animals, pest control, weed recognition and control, rural crime, accessing consumers, small business marketing and much more. 

The guide is issued to all members with their annual membership pack. More copies can be ordered by contacting NSW Farmers Member Service Centre at [email protected] 

NSW Farmers Farm Card

NSW Small Farms members have access to the full range of loyalty benefits available to NSW Farmers members. These benefits include such things as rebates with your WFI insurance policy, energy discounts with the Business Energy Advisory Program and discounted broadband with Activ8me. 

See the full list of benefits here .

Access to your local Regional Services Manager

Your local Regional Services Manager (RSM) is a wealth of knowledge and contacts. They can help you with everything from the right people to talk to about improving your farm, right through to helping you cut through the jargon around owning land, and what the possibilities are for primary production on your “little patch of paradise.”

Your RSM can connect you with your local branch of NSW Farmers, creating a network of members who can help you tap into all the benefits that come with that, including mentoring by fellow farmers, access to Branch meetings and events put on by the branch, as well as a reliable source of information about farming in your area.

Country Connection

Country Connection is the NSW Farmers' membership for conscious consumers living in the city but wanting to support the NSW agricultural sector. Country Connection members are pre-disposed to supporting local production, getting insider access to our farming community. 

NSW Small Farms members have the opportunity to advertise their direct-to-the-consumer products, farm stays and farm experiences direct to Country Connection members and offer discounts to encourage their business. 

Click here to see the current list of farmers offering Country Connection products.

Contact NSW Farmers' Member Service Centre at [email protected] to get more information on participating in the Country Connection program.